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Camping Cooking Supplies Guide

One of the good old favorite American pastimes is camping. Every spring and summer, there are millions of families packing up the tent or RV and heading for nice camping trip. Getting ready for a camping trip can be quite a task, and it is so important that you remember every little thing. Planning the supplies needed for meals is probably the most important, it is not like you are in your kitchen at home with every utensil right at your fingertips.

Be prepared when you are packing your camping cooking supplies. It is a good idea to make a list before hand. Walk through your kitchen when you are planning your meals, and make a note of every single utensil you use to prepare the meal.

Your camping cooking supplies will most likely include lots of canned food, therefore you will definitely need a good can opener on hand. If you are going to be cooking over an open fire, cast iron pots and pans are ideal. These can be a little expensive, but they will last forever.

If you are going to be using cast iron over an open fire, you need to make sure you have long enough utensils to stir the meal. Of course, a very sturdy oven mitt is needed to handle the cast iron cookware. You will also need eating utensils, plates, and even skewer sticks for direct over the fire cooking.

Cooking meals while camping, is one of the best parts of the whole camping experience. Nothing beats a meal cooked over an open fire.

The Camping Hammock – A Great Sleeping Alternative

A camping hammock is a great alternative to a camping bed for anyone who is camping and they make an excellent addition to your camping and outdoor equipment. When backpacking they are easy to transport and very lightweight. When folded up properly the camping hammock will only take up as much space in your backpack as a tennis ball and weighs only approximately 18 ounces. And when unfolded and hung correctly the hammock will give you as much sleeping space as any decent sized single bed. And do not worry if you are of the large-sized human being, These hammocks are able to support weights of up to 500 pounds which is more than enough tolerance for the majority of us.

When camping the majority of campers use a sleeping bag and tend to sleep on the floor. Some will use sleeping pads and a fine majority may use an inflatable bed. Now sleeping on the floor of a tent can prove to be rather uncomfortable and if you don’t use a sleeping pad it can be rather cold as well. However with a camping hammock these comfort issues are not a case to be dealt with. With the hammock the sleeper is elevated from the ground and will be kept both warm and dry as a result. There is no need for any insulation from the cold and sometimes damp ground and providing a sleeping bag or sleeping bag liner is used to sleep in when on the hammock, there is no fear of suffering from any sudden drop in temperature during the night.

The camping hammock has been slow to catch on as a useful piece of camping equipment but nowadays it’s popularity is increasing many fold amongst the outdoor set. Enough so for manufacturers to invest in a little research and design to come up with many more models for us to choose from. As well as being used to sleep in the camping hammock can be quite versatile and be used as a seat or even as storage space for food and equipment in any tent.

So when you next go camping give the hammock some consideration. They are extremely comfortable to sleep in, versatile in their use and are certainly easier to carry around in your backpack than a sleeping pad or inflatable mattress. They are not expensive to buy and when you are not using them for camping you can even set them up in your own garden to relax in and enjoy a long summer evening.