Summer Road Trip Songs

There’s nothing like a great soundtrack for your road trip to really make the miles fly by. Rather than just bringing a collection of your favorite CDs, why not look into making your own mixed disc with all the favorite songs of everyone who will be going along on the trip.

With the right tunes, you can really enjoy even the longest of road trips. Just think back to all the movies you’ve seen where they play upbeat music as the characters speed across the countryside. We all want to be like that, so, while you can’t montage your trip into a two minute scene, you can certainly spice it up with some good music.

Choosing Summer Road Trip Songs

Your songs don’t have to actually involve road trips, but it sure lends a fun air if they talk about traveling and cars, which is why most of the tunes on the majority of song lists are all about being on the move.

This just seems appropriate for a car full of people whizzing down the highway and they are also usually songs that you already know and can sing along to.

Look for songs that are upbeat and will keep you bobbing your head and tapping the steering wheel . . . the last thing you want is to fall asleep to some slow ballad that doesn’t inspire anyone in the car to sing. Songs that are easy to sing along to are an excellent way to draw fellow passengers out of their stupor and get them bouncing around and air-strumming to the music.

When you do find those songs for a road trip, it’s a good idea to put a lot onto your disk or MP3 player. This is because a long trip will quickly exhaust your options. You don’t want to be listening to the same ten songs over and over again every hour! So consider putting at least 50-100 songs together for your road trip compilation. This will give you a good 4-8 hours of music and you won’t have to get bored of any particular song, unless, of course, you want to and hit repeat over and over.

If you are having troubles finding enough songs for the compilation, recruit your passengers. Get them to each chip in 10 or 20 songs that they enjoy and you can all be introduced to some new tunes while also enjoying your own favorites. Mix the song order up a bit so you won’t have each person’s favorites all in a row . . . this way it will be more interesting for everyone and if there is something you don’t really like, it’s only one song long.

While you will most certainly have your own favorite music, there are a few timeless pieces that simply must be included on every summer road trip song list. Here they are:

Top Road Trip Songs

o Hotel California – The Eagles
o Ramblin’ Man – The Allman Brothers
o Highway Star – Deep Purple
o California Dreaming – Beach Boys
o Life is a Highway – Tom Cochrane
o Truckin’ – Grateful Dead
o Light My Fire – The Doors
o Roadhouse Blues – The Doors
o American Woman – Guess Who
o One Headlight – The Wallflowers

This list could go on for days, as you can well imagine, but these are some of the best songs out there for listening on the road. They are great to sing along to, they boost morale and get everyone bopping in the car . . . all ingredients for a great summer road trip song list.

How to Select the Right Travel Bags For Your Trip

When planning your vacation you need to remember so many different things, but figuring out how to carry your necessities with you is an important detail that you shouldn’t skimp on. Using the right travel bags will ensure that your items get to your destination in one piece. There are several different styles and designs of these bags, and which one you choose will depend on your taste and budget. You want a bag that is spacious and easy to use, with strong handles and often on wheels so they can be maneuvered easily from place to place.

These days often airlines charge you for very little weight of your vacation luggage, so you will want a lightweight travel bag that can be filled and not weigh more than your allowance. Hard cases are becoming less popular for this reason and canvas style bags are now being purchased to travel with. Back packs have always been popular with people looking to travel light. They are ideal to store many things in but your clothes will end up being a bit squashed. If this isn’t a problem then a backpack might be an ideal travel accessory for you. They are easy to carry and throw around without any worries of them breaking.

You can spend as much or as little on travel bags as you want. There is some fantastic designer luggage available however these often can go missing as people know it is expensive. You can spend far less and still have good quality bags without the branded labels. Many travel bags have far more features than you actually need. Decide how many pockets you will use and fill. However, one or two compartments are always handy, as sometimes filing one big space with everything is not a good idea if you have cosmetics and bottles.

Reading reviews is always a good idea as it can give you a clearer picture of the practical functions of the travel bag. It might be an idea for you to actually go into a store and choose a bag since you will be able to see exactly what it looks like and how it feels. Smaller travel bags like business cases and carry on cases can be rigid and small; they will often fit in the overhead compartment on the plane. These are great if you are on your own or traveling for the weekend. There are traditionally two types of larger travel bags. These are hard sided cases and soft sided cases. Although the harder cases are more secure as they will often have locks and the sides should not be able to be damaged, they don’t seem to withstand being thrown around by the luggage handlers.

Top 4 Link Building Tips to Improve a Web Site’s Search Rankings

Whether you are just getting your Web site up and live online or you are looking to improve your current Web site’s visibility among the search engines, you will want to heed these important link building tips. Creating and finding quality one way links for your Website is crucial to increasing your position among all the search engines, yes, even the newest search engine, Bing. However, where do you find quality links and how does one create quality links for a Web site? These are the two most popular questions business owners and Web development companies alike ask SEO firms.

It does not matter whether your site has five pages or 1,000 pages, link building is paramount so your customers, clients and visitors find your company’s Web site before your competitor’s site. The first link building tip is to build quality keyword rich links within your Web site. Have you noticed that some link URLs have extremely long addresses that contain a string of random numbers, letters and other characters?

Yes, ones that look like this


These links do not contain keywords and they are not easily recognizable by the search engine spiders that it belongs to your industry. Instead try adding a specific keyword for each page on your Web site, such as “” This option allows search engine spiders to associate a particular buzz word to your company’s Website, thus increasing your rankings among the search engines.

Another on page link building tip is provide anchor links, which provide a link from one page to another by using a specific word or phrase. these anchor links usually appear in blue or bold within the content of your Web page. Anchor links provide another way for the search engine spiders to associate certain links to your Web site to other pages within your site. However, don’t overdo this process because the search engines will think that you are a spam site and this may result in negative consequences. A good link building tip is to provide one to two anchor links on each individual page of your site depending on the amount and quality of the content you have.

The second link building tip is to generate quality one way links from your site, and one of the easiest ways to accomplish this feat is to submit to SEO friendly business link directories. A list of the Top 50 or Top 100 Business Link Directories can be found through Google, Yahoo or even Bing. Business link directories, whether you manually submit or pay for a link building service, will undoubtedly increase not only your popularity online but also more people will be able to find your product or service because your Website will appear higher than your competitor’s site.

It is best to peruse the guidelines of a few of these business link directories as well as read the link descriptions provided, so you know what information they require and how to format your submission. Google and other search engines want to see quality links to your Web site that are not related to adult sites, gambling or other adult oriented activities. Look for SEO friendly link directories to get the best quality link to your Web site.

The third link building tip is to submit your Web site to several social bookmarking sites including Digg, Delicious, Stumbleupon, Bukmark and make your bookmarks public so the search engines and other users can view your bookmarks. Once search engines find your Web site’s link on these social bookmarking sites, they will grant you higher rankings in search results. While other users can add your site to their bookmarks helping you achieve online popularity. With using social bookmarking sites, many have tags, categories and descriptions which you have an opportunity to include a popular buzz word that is also located on your Web site. Browse through several bookmarks created by other users to see how they have tagged their bookmarks and the descriptions they have written. You might even want to search for your competitors’ bookmarks to check out what and if they have done this as well.

The last best link building tip is to join more than one online social network such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter and provide a link to your Web site in your profile, discussion threads, group pages, and any other place where you can place a link. Setting up and maintaining a blog is also a good way to provide relevant links to your Web site, so the search engines see that you are building quality and ongoing links in many places online.

Additional link building tips and reminders are to frequently check that each Web page is working properly because a 404 error is not good for providing quality links. By providing some kind of analytics on your Web site will also help with tracking where your incoming links are originating. Another helpful tool is the “What GoogleBot Sees” report from Google because it shows the top 200 phrases that other Web sites have used to link to your site as well as comparing the content on your site.