Camping Cooking Supplies Guide

One of the good old favorite American pastimes is camping. Every spring and summer, there are millions of families packing up the tent or RV and heading for nice camping trip. Getting ready for a camping trip can be quite a task, and it is so important that you remember every little thing. Planning the supplies needed for meals is probably the most important, it is not like you are in your kitchen at home with every utensil right at your fingertips.

Be prepared when you are packing your camping cooking supplies. It is a good idea to make a list before hand. Walk through your kitchen when you are planning your meals, and make a note of every single utensil you use to prepare the meal.

Your camping cooking supplies will most likely include lots of canned food, therefore you will definitely need a good can opener on hand. If you are going to be cooking over an open fire, cast iron pots and pans are ideal. These can be a little expensive, but they will last forever.

If you are going to be using cast iron over an open fire, you need to make sure you have long enough utensils to stir the meal. Of course, a very sturdy oven mitt is needed to handle the cast iron cookware. You will also need eating utensils, plates, and even skewer sticks for direct over the fire cooking.

Cooking meals while camping, is one of the best parts of the whole camping experience. Nothing beats a meal cooked over an open fire.

The Adventurous Appeal of the Remote Control Flying Shark

Every kid loves to splash and jump in the water. They will also look for new and adventurous ways to heighten their fun at the pool. By finding innovative new ways to add to their outdoor playtime, even kids who are constantly saying they are bored can have the great feeling of accomplishment.

The thought of a brand new toy that not only offers a challenge, but also gives you the adrenaline pumping excitement of a competition, the remote control flying shark delivers fun and excitement and so much more. The remote control flying shark was without a doubt one of the most popular and sought-after games this year. It glides through the air with ease like it is nothing at all to do, and it thrills kids of all ages. It is a toy that meets the highest expectations of fun loving kids everywhere.

With the latest and most savvy advancements ever, this cool toy is able to turn at a second’s notice. The remote is super easy to use and offers the player lightning fast speeds with complete turn ability and up and down movements. Not only that, the remote control flying shark is also able to make 360 degree turns in the tightest of areas.

With this kind of speed and power, the newbie player or the most seasoned of players can maneuver this toy around in ridiculously hard to handle places. There simply is not a kid, or grown up, who wouldn’t have a blast with this super -hot new toy. Not only does the remote control shark do all these things it claims to. It is also very easy to assemble. Mom and Dad can have it ready to play with in no time flat. Now that is a sentence that had to perk up the ears of a few worn out parents out there who are tired of spending way too much time assembling toys.

This fun and invigorating toy offers your kids endless hours of outdoor fun at a reasonable price as well. This is a toy that will get them off of the couch or in front of the computer. Also they can have fun with the toy outside taking in some sun rays. It is truly a win/win situation. The kids are outside breathing fresh air and they are also playing with sibling and friends. At the same time they are exercising their bodies. As a parent, you have the chance to clean those x-boxes and dirty sneakers that have been lying around on the floor. Then you will still have the time to take in the beautiful sound of silence. Not to mention, your kids are playing outside burning off some energy.

Take the kids out the mall or to their favorite discount or department store today. It is very likely you will get the kids interested in this toy right from the get go. This toy is priced around 40 dollars, and this flying shark offers energetic kids the times of their lives. It also adds to the healthy spirit of competition. Consider purchasing your remote control flying shark today, and you can get ready to hear endless giggles as they kids run and jump with this amazingly cool toy.

China Culture: Beijing Hutong

Entering the modernized Beijing, what interest people the most often are not those row upon row of sky rises, nor are the wide streets extending in all directions. What really attracts travelers are the deep and quiet winding Hutongs full of warm, beautiful Siheyuan, or quadrangles. Therefore, the ancient capital culture has been named as “Hutong culture” and “Siheyuan culture”, this indeed is not over said.

In the past, Beijing was largely formed by tens of thousands of Siheyuan that were aligned back-to-back, face-to-face, and side by side. For the convenience of coming in and out, a walking passage must be kept between each row of Siheyuan, this is what we call Hutong.

In the Yuan Dynasty, gaps between Beijing’s Hutongs were much wider. Therefore the descendants chose the open areas to construct more Siheyuan, created narrow passages between rows of Siheyuan courtyard houses, this resulted in massive small Hutongs among many well known big ones. Hence the proverb: “Famous Hutongs are 3600, nameless Hutongs exceeded number of ox hairs”.

Until 1949, there were 6074 well known streets and alleys in Beijing’s city areas. Out of which were 1330 Hutongs, 274 streets, 111 alleys, 85 Dao (small streets), 71 lanes, 37 roads. Traditionally, people classify all the small streets and alleys as Hutongs.

In Beijing, crisscross networked large and small Hutongs weaved the capital city with distinguished people and exquisite objects. Deep in the Hutongs are innumerable warm families, this is why ordinary Beijingers have special sentimental feelings towards Hutongs.

The narrowest Hutong in Beijing is the Qianshi (money market) Hutong in the Dashalan area of outside Qianmen, the narrowest space is merely 40 centimeters. There are also some winding deep Hutongs assumed zigzag shapes, like the Jiudaowan (nine-zigzag) originally at Beixinqiao (north new bridge), it actually had more than 20 zigzags, it was later divided into 5 Hutongs; There is another Hutong also named Jiudaowan outside Qianmen, it in fact has 13 zigzag turns. The name of Hutongs in Beijing is like an encyclopedia, it reflected the historical evolution and demonstrated the social characters and styles, it has been discovered as a hard to come by traveling resources in recent years.

Presently, those big worn-out courtyards in Beijing are being replaced by the modern buildings, the old Hutongs are also losing the base they once relied on to exist. But, to maintain Beijing’s ancient capital styles and features, many famous Hutongs have been reserved as the cultural relics, it preserved certain ancient colors for our emerging capital.

Now, Beijing’s Hutong culture development has already opened up a new travel program – visiting Hutongs. Foreign travelers from all over the world take Beijing’s old-fashioned pedicab as transportation, by pass the west line of Shuchangshahai, come to Gu Lou (the Drum Tower) through Yinding bridge, go up to Gu Lou to look down at Beijing’s old city areas and Hutongs that extend in all directions. They then go to the Houhai area, visit the city’s ancient Nanbeiguanfang Hutong, Daxiaojinshi (big and small golden lion), and Qianhoujing Hutong, walk in Siheyuan, chat with residents, get to know the life of ordinary Beijingers, go to the Gong Wang Fu (Mansion and Garden of Prince Gong in Qing Dynasty) to experience the living environment and Emperor’s gardens in the old times.

Beijing’s Hutong has a kind of eternal charm as a carrier of the ancient culture.

Vacation Rentals and Destination Weddings

Whether you’re an event planner, a couple looking to tie the knot or a proud parent of a bride- or groom-to-be, you know that planning a wedding can be time-consuming and stressful. That’s why many have opted for destination weddings instead of conventional weddings, as they’re simpler to plan, are more intimate, and allow the couple and their close friends and family to enjoy a slice of paradise as they celebrate the marriage in a way that blows away their local banquet hall. However, what many are unaware of is that villa rentals, which are often large sprawling estates with magnificent courtyards, are often the perfect venue for destination weddings.

Vacation rental owners, for their part, are often happy to accommodate weddings, although, as is normal, they may expect a slightly higher rental fee, as well as an additional security deposit. They may also be happy to provide you with local contacts for catering and entertainment, which will help you offer something truly unique to your guests. The kitchens of such places also tend to be large and fully-equipped, and are therefore fully capable of accommodating a professional cooking crew.

Also, the couple and even some of their close family can stay on the property, as these villas not only tend to have a plethora of bedrooms, but may even have guest houses on site as well. Best of all, these properties are usually beachfront estates or at the very least have very large gardens, meaning the happy couple will get an amazing and unique backdrop as they exchange their vows, which is sure to create one of those unique wedding experiences none of the guests are going to forget any time soon.

If you’re a couple, you may also want to consider visiting your local travel agent for destination wedding information, as most travel agents can happily accommodate this request and even get you and your guests volume discounts on airfare. If you’re an agent yourself, you already know this, but you may not know that you can consult Travel Rental Network for a database of rental properties that are willing to work with you on commission, including many that are wedding friendly.

A destination wedding is an amazing opportunity to celebrate one of life’s most important moments in a way that’s beautiful, unique and unforgettable, which is why it’s no surprise that they’ve become so popular. Having said that, you may want some help planning things out, which is why your travel agent might just become your wedding planner before you know it!