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Restaurant Supply Stores Offer Commercial Fryers

In a restaurant, the back line can be a hellish place to be. Cooks move quickly between the tools they use, the cutting board they slice on and the refrigeration system employed by the store. One of the largest pieces of equipment in the back house can be the commercial fryer. The commercial fryer is an essential tool in most restaurants because many foods are in need of a good deep frying. But which fryer will you choose?

Commercial deep fryers come in a variety of sizes. An affordable counter top sized fryer is available from many brands, but these are used mostly by the home chef for special cooking projects. The most commonly seen size of deep fryer is the full size floor model commercial fryer. No matter where you get your french fries or hash browns from, they must first go through four hundred degree oil for three and a half minutes in a full size commercial fryer before reaching your mouth.

Do you know what brand of commercial fryer may be the most popular? I have no fear in saying it is the brand with its purpose in its name: Frymaster! Frymaster makes the smaller single fryer that requires you to have a timer and lower the basket into the oil yourself; Frymaster also makes the monstrous three pit fryer which has a built in timer and lowers the fry baskets for you! That’s not all. These fryers tell you when they need to be filtered and have earned an ENERGY STAR rating! The masters of their niche? With a name like that, they ought to be!

A restaurant supply that doesn’t offer commercial fryers can’t possibly be a restaurant supply. Considering my earlier statement (the commercial fryer is an essential tool in most restaurants…) you may need to double check that you’re actually on a restaurant supply web site. When you do find the restaurant supply you’re looking for, don’t forget that commercial fryers have many necessary accessories. One of these accessories is the gas connector. That’s right. These bad boys run off propane or natural gas. Without a gas hose you won’t be frying much of anything! Another important accessory are fry baskets! Sure you can throw something in the fryer and fish it out with your unprotected fingers (bad idea) but why do that when the convenience of a stainless steel basket is ready to make your frying experience one hundred times easier!

Another valuable tool a restaurant supply store should offer is an oil disposal tool. Small pieces of fried food are always left behind in the fryer. To maintain your fry oil a daily filtration regimen should be implemented and followed. Unfortunately, despite your efforts, your fry oil is going to go bad, and you will need a method of getting hot fry oil from the fryer to the disposal site outside (I’m assuming you have a shortening disposal box close to your dumpster). A shortening disposal unit is important for safe and efficient disposal of low quality oil. Generally, a disposal unit “plugs” into your fryer and accepts the bad oil. The unit is then rolled outside and the bad oil is pumped into a certified container. Ta-da! No more bad oil and handled like a pro!

Choosing Water Front Restaurants in Marina Del Rey For Any Occasion

Venice Beach is recognized around the world as the quintessential Southern California getaway location where visitors can lift weights on the beach, roller skate along the shore, and watch for movie stars and music legends at every turn. Restaurants on the water in Marina del Rey have something for everyone: succulent steaks, fresh-from-the-sea sushi, organic vegetarian entrees, burgers dripping with flavor, and the ever popular smoothies and tropical cocktails.

Vacationers enjoy a variety of casual dining options, local favorites, and breath-taking romantic getaways. There are dining opportunities for every budget and every appetite. After enjoying one of the many activities available, whether it is surfing, shopping, a luxurious spa treatment, or just strolling along the shore, diners are sure to find unique and flavorful mealtime options at the water front restaurants in Marina del Rey.

Casual Dining

Cafe Mermaids is an excellent Venice Beach diner where you can grab a gourmet toasted sandwich while on foot or while boating. Visitors also enjoy casual dining at Cafe Petra, with an eclectic menu overflowing with inexpensive international dishes.

Cousin Cheryl’s is a great place to go for food and gifts. They build bountiful gift baskets that everyone is sure to enjoy. This is one of the most popular water front restaurants in Marina del Rey and the traditional American menu reflects this family owned and operated bakery’s dedication to fun and quality. If you prefer gourmet burgers, Islands Restaurant is the place to go. Here, they specialize in tropical cocktails, the freshest salads, and televised sports.

Local Favorites

Rainbow Acres Natural Foods is the epitome of Southern California cuisine with its healthy and hearty sandwiches, soups, and salads, and the must-have smoothie. For a relaxing and enjoyable meal, Sapporo Italian Restaurant specializes in fine Mediterranean and Italian entrees. For the brunch aficionado, Shanghai Red’s is a must see. Diners enjoy watching koi as they tantalize their taste buds with an unmatched weekend brunch menu.

Romantic Getaways

Of course, many vacations are taken with that someone special, which means there has to be at least one romantic evening out, at the water front restaurants in Marina del Rey. Marina del Rey’s longest running food establishment, the Polynesian themed Warehouse Restaurant is an excellent choice for fresh seafood, succulent steaks, and one of the finest wine lists in the region.

Cafe Del Rey is another excellent choice for a romantic dinner. They offer Australian lamb, Niman Ranch pork, and excellent seafood entrees. Their fireside lounge is sure to create some sparks of romance after your elegant dining experience. For the ultimate in romance, Hornblower Cruises & Events must be considered. Their luxury yachts provide romantic couples with an elegant dining and dancing cruise. Wine tastings, live jazz, and sunset cruises are all available.

Clearly, there are more restaurants on the water in Marina del Rey than any one could make time for in a single visit. Casual, formal, fun, or romantic, the water front restaurants in Marina del Rey are prepared to serve visitors and locals alike only the best.