Best Guest Friendly Hotels in Sukhumvit Bangkok – A Travel Pro’s Top 5 List

Hotels in and around the areas of Sukhumvit in the city of Bangkok is one of the most popular areas for hotel stay. Why? Because Sukhumvit road runs through two of Bangkok’s most well known red light districts, Soi Cowboy and Nana.

Soi Cowboy is a neon light filled street with many of Bangkok’s most well known go go bars like Long Gun and Rawhide. Nana is most famous for a building with 4 floors of go go bars surrounding an open bar area called Nana Entertainment Plaza. Both of these red light districts are popular pick up joints for millions of male tourist who visit there each year.

So if you’re into visiting Soi Cowboy and Nana then most likely you’re looking to stay in a “Guest Friendly” hotel. A guest friendly hotel is a term for hotels in Bangkok that do not charge their guest a joiner fee for bringing a companion, usually a prostitute back to their rooms. You might have heard of the term “Girl Friendly” but that wouldn’t cover the fact that there are men and transsexuals in Bangkok catering to gay male clients. So in most cases “Guest Friendly” basically covers it all.

The majority of Bangkok’s guest friendly hotels are concentrated around Sukhumvit. Their price ranges vary greatly, from 5 star international hotels to low priced budget guest houses. Non guest friendly hotels normally charge a joiner fee of 500THB up to 1500THB. So as you can see if anyone is planning to bring a companion back to their rooms for their entire stay in a non guest friendly hotel, a joiner fee could really hurt the pocket book.

And now here’s what you’ve been waiting for. Below are 5 popular guest friendly hotels in Bangkok.

  1. Nana Hotel
  2. Ambassador Hotel
  3. Swiss Park Hotel
  4. Royal Asia Lodge
  5. Majestic Grande

There are much more guest friendly hotels in Bangkok of course and all of them are conveniently located between Nana and Soi Cowboy.

For your safety, in any hotel in Bangkok, make sure your companion hands over their Thai I.D. card to security. Usually it’s the guards who ask but just in case they don’t, you know what to do. Doing this will give you some sort of protection just in case your companion of the night decides to go through your wallet when you’re sleeping or showering.

Choosing the Best Food Storage Options For Survival Foods

If you starting to get more concerned about surviving a disaster, especially with all the recent strange weather issues around the world, you need to know how choosing the best food storage is beneficial. You need the right information for preparing, cooking, boiling, canning and storing your personal survival food supply. Here are some tips on the subject that might help you decide if you want to investigate further on this matter.

If you do not want to prepare your own disaster food supply, you can choose things like full meal replacement bars, MREs (meals ready to eat used by the military), camping pouched foods and foods with long shelf lives which is typically freeze dried or dehydrated and properly packaged.

Your number one survival ration you should make sure you have on hand is clean, pure water. It will be needed for a variety of reasons including bathing, drinking and for use with dehydrated foods. Water is easy to store in plastic or specialty bottles and containers you can find online. You will need to research when you are choosing the best food storage for your water supply.

You can also find out the best way to prepare, cook, boil, dehydrate, ferment and can various foods for long term storage. This information is vital to creating your survival food supply. When the processes are done properly and stored properly you can have a nice family food supply that will last you literally years.

Glass Mason jars are one of the best solutions for canning and storage. You want to make sure you check out the various options in glass canning jars when you are choosing the best food storage for your survival rations.

Glass is one of the best ways to store foods, but there are some forms of plastic storage that is also satisfactory and safe. A little know fact is that the numbers on the bottom of plastic storage containers are the key to knowing which types are the best for long-term storage. Just remember to look for 2, 4 and 5 on the bottom of plastic storage containers as these are the safe numbers.

Depending on how much and what kind of foods you are storing you need to choose the right size and type of container. You can choose boxes, bowls and other kinds of containers for your survival food storage. Make sure you find more reliable information about choosing the best food storage for your long-term needs.

Daytona Beach – The Ultimate Holiday Destination!

Spending hours on a series of sandy beaches which stretch along the greenish blue waters of the Atlantic coast of Florida is an utter delight for the sea lovers. Daytona Beach of the United States is simply the perfect location for the ones who want to reap maximum fun with family as well as friends. It offers large numbers of eco-friendly and enjoyable experiences to the tourists that are exceptionally well. Surfing, mini golf, Daytona 500 Experience, lighthouse, beach shops, marine science discoveries, fishing, kayaking, children’s museum, parasailing all add much fun to your vacation. Take your backpacks and get fully ready to float in the enjoyment spree at Daytona Beach.

Where is it located?

Daytona Beach is located on the north tip of the Central East Coast of Florida in the United States of America. From the eminent place called Orlando, this city is just fifty-four miles away and hardly an hour’s drive from most of the amazing fun spots theme parks situated in this area. Miami and Jacksonville are just 242 and 86 miles away respectively from this exceptionally beautiful city. The Daytona International Airport serves its people and all visitors with flights to more than one hundred and fifty destinations all across the globe.It is also a crucial city of Florida’s Fun Coast region accommodating around 0.5 million people.

Daytona means perfect vacation!

Daytona is a unique and iconic destination in the whole world for beach fun and enjoyment with its peerless beach activities and resorts, hotels and many more. The boardwalk, cultural venues, piers, and even sumptuous delicacies make your vacation a perfect and also a memorable one. With surfing, shelling, swimming, and other adventurous sea-sports everyone in your family enjoy the fullest and that too in their preferable way in that 23 miles long coastline. This holiday destination fits the budget of all sorts of people across the world and does boast accommodations for every kind of lifestyles. One can also indulge himself or herself into shopping opportunities while exploring multiple developing happenings.

Go for an ocean safari!

Visit the whole city of Daytona Beach through the streets of this place in a double decker bus. The famous aqua safari takes the visitors to the ocean safari beginning spot by a huge red bus. The experience begins with fishing eco-tour boats and the guides would catch sea creatures for providing you with first-hand experiences by allowing you to touch them. While enjoying crab traps, you may also watch sand dollars if you are fortunate enough. This sea safari also includes refreshments, light food like pizza, visit the Marine science Center and Inlet Lighthouse.

Visit this ultimate fun destination during the month of March as this is the time when the beach decorates itself and embarks itself in fun activities like surfing contests, campfire parties, musical concerts, and many more. This place holds a top most position when it comes to wild concerts, booze parties, bikini clad people and beach competitions. Do not lose an opportunity to explore each and every fun of Daytona Beach and make a choice of visiting this city with your family and friends.

The Cultural Dimension of Bowing in Dahn Yoga

Bowing is not a new phenomenon of culture in the modern or contemporary culture. It is one of the few cultural gestures that cut across more than four continents. It is a show of respect and courtesy. The person who bows will usually be the one on the humble end and meeting a an individual on the higher social status.

Showing respect and courtesy can come in various forms. This would differ from one society to another. The funny part of this is that some gestures may be conflicting in terms of what they mean. For example, beckoning would not be considered kind in Asia as it would in Africa. This is where bowing emerges as one of the unique cultural gestures that is known in most part of the world. It is cross cutting and has been understood as a good sign.

There are places where bowing may actually be considered in bad taste. In today’s world, those with no background of bowing would not appreciate bowing as a sign of strength. It may be considered as a sign of the submission and servitude. The essence is far from these assumptions. It is in fact a sign of strength and maturity. It is a sign of respect that is exuded by those who have matured and have nothing to lose. It also works magic in creating good relational capital.

A perfect traditional bowing involves both a bow and scratching of the right leg. This involves bending a little and lifting the right leg backwards. The left hand is then placed on the lower abdomen and the right hand lifted higher. Now this is a classical bowing that does not have to be between a servant and master relationship. It is a perfect thing to do for good buddies.

If you thought that this is a culture that is practiced only in the East or Asia, you will be forgiven for you ignorance. In fact, Europe is more known for this practice than the East. In Europe, bowing has been practiced mainly by the aristocrats. In the initial time, it was considered an act for the servant to their masters. But overtime it has become a show of respect. The women were originally expected to show this as a sign of respect to husbands, but later, the men are also seen doing this. It is not unique to see a man giving a flower to the woman while bowing.

Countries such as China, Korea and Japan or India have practiced bowing as part of the religious practices. This has an element of the worship and therefore emphasized among those in the religious centers. This religious aura has been taken to the social cycles too.